T. Rowe Price

Branding, visual design

T. Rowe Price offers a 529 College Savings Plan to parents, grandparents, and caregivers. They wanted to provide a clean and straightforward web experience to educate prospective 529 account holders. Their team turned to us to design it from the ground up.

Project Process



During this time, we worked with the T. Rowe Price team to conduct research, audit the current site, and gain alignment on goals with key team and stakeholders.



In this phase, we created a blueprint for executing the website. We wanted to to create a straightforward information architecture, starting with high level index pages that guided the user to functional and detail pages for ample education.



Here, we developed the design style and visual strategy. Visuals play a key role in communication, and our goal was to provide a beautiful and simple site that provided clarity and removed distractions. Through design, we wanted to guide the user down the path to conversion.



When the UX and Visuals were established, we finished applying this design strategy to page templates, modules, and associated visuals/illustrations

Brand Specific Colors






UI Specific colors







Saloni Doshi T. Rowe Price TypographySaloni Doshi T. Rowe Price Typography
Saloni Doshi T. Rowe Price Iconography
Supplementary Infographics